Local Expertise – Global Reach

October 22, 2019

When partnering with fieldwork agencies for the first time it is easy to be sucked in by the usual terminology: “experts at fieldwork”, “excellent with hard to reach target groups”, “worldwide partners”, but how do you know this is true and how can you validate these statements? You can look through case studies and client references on the company website and ask yourself “is this relevant to the work I want to undertake? Are they really experts in the area that I’m interested in? Also, what do they mean by global reach, do they mean one or two satellite offices, or do they truly have an international field team and how is the quality of this team co-ordinated to provide quality every time, and at every location?”. It is a lot to weigh up, you have the benefits of using a partner you regularly work with, which may mean they know you well as a customer, react quickly to your demands, but they do not have the per market expertise in each country, often working across a number of research sectors and methodologies. Against this you have the option of using a global organisation, with vast resources, that specialises in everything but has that impersonal feel, as they do not have the same personal relationship as a smaller local agency. It’s tough and far from ideal to have to choose between the options as it compromises on your research quality.

At Epinion Aviation, we combine the best of both worlds. We operate out of 40 Airports around Europe and Asia giving us a truly global reach. We have teams of interviewers and Field Managers at each location, all using the same interviewing software, interviewing procedures and unique, bespoke quality control systems for the Aviation division within Epinion. Interview and data standards are directly comparable between our field teams whilst we truly have local interviewers on the ground, who are aware of the unique challenges involved in interviewing and conducting research at their individual airports.

Our consultants have great experience in a wide range of both quantitative and qualitative research, which enables us to drive experiences across airports to deliver the best possible solution to each of our clients. The consultant team can be on site in a few hours, imparting their deep insights, knowledge, advanced analytics, retail, tourism and aviation experience. Each client has a dedicated account manager providing a single point of contact, building working relationships, and finding the most suitable solution to your particular research requirement. Requirements could be research studies like commercial mix, parking studies, satisfaction studies, brand awareness etc. Solutions will differ from airport to airport and from situation to situation but could include data collection with personal interviews, web data collection, observation studies, focus groups, follow along interviews or a mix of different methods. We will find the best possible solution to your specific problem while taking local aspects in consideration.

Quality control, and output are high on the light of our internal KPI’s, as is the exceptional standard of our reporting and we are constantly striving to improve our efficiency alongside our already amazing quality control methodologies to ensure the best service delivery every single time.

Please reach out if you want Real Local Expertise and Real Global Reach – aviation@epinionglobal.com