Airport Loyalty: Optimizing passenger needs with tailormade subcription concept

February 27, 2020

Travelers are different – so are airports. By accommodating different service levels airports can increase customer experience and profitability substantially

Since travelers have different needs airports should seek ways to service the travelers in the best possible way. Airports provide several different benefits – some of these are relevant to some travelers while not to others – or different travelers value them differently. Airport related benefits could be bundled into different loyalty packages to increase customer experience and profitability in the airport.

Epinion has developed a concept to identify the most valued benefits for different types of travelers and thereby determine how benefits could be bundled and priced – also considering different segments.

Applying a subscription-based loyalty program in your airport can turn out to be a very profitable business case. Since most solutions that could be applied in a loyalty program already are available at the airport, this is all about increasing the number of passengers paying for them.

Advanced modelling gives solid results and recommendations

There are many different potential benefit categories that may be relevant in an airport and to different passenger segments. By using advanced choice modelling we determine the travelers’ trade-offs among the benefits and deliver action-oriented recommendations in how to build the program:

Forecasting for a solid business case

Epinion has developed a unique forecasting model from the experience of our +40 airports and many different loyalty programs that takes results of the analysis and external and internal factors into consideration to give the most realistic estimate of revenue when launching a loyalty program.

Increase turnover and passenger experience already now

Get help from Epinion to get a better understanding on how to identify the best loyalty program for your airport improve customer experience and spend per passenger.


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