Winning Airport clients by enabling clear and data-driven business vision  

September 24, 2019

Epinion’s Aviation experts uncover the way passengers think, feel and act by turning complex big, thick and fused data into deep insights by analyzing results of more than one million interviews annually at over 40 airports around the world.  

Conquering new airports is a complex task 

Airport projects are often large tracking studies running for several years, as airports track developments across measurements. Thus, projects are often a tender from the airport, empowering consultancies to create proposals, where suggestions for research design and outcome are presented, as well as the consultancies competencies to solve the task 

Our airport specialized field force and field managers are highly experienced in conducting interviews that fulfill the need of accuracy of gate specific interviews. Interviewers’ performance has a tremendous influence on data quality, thus the first step in ensuring high quality in data is adequate monitoring. Hence, Epinion has invested heavily in building the Epinion Real-time Quality Assurance System (EPI-Q) – a system which by automatization is able to detect quality and performance issues on interviewer level, based on advanced analytics and algorithms to ensure all possible quality issues are detected. Enhancing Epinion’s core value and competency – the dedication of delivering high data quality! 

Another key strength Epinion highlights, is our strong aviation consultant teamconsisting of a mix of inquisitive researchers, data scientists, strategists and marketeers who can produce specific action plans, enabling turning customer-centric learnings into better strategy, innovation and marketing. 

Epinion’s new wins and rewins include Aviation lighthouses  

This year, Epinion’s proposals have contributed to wins and rewins of several interesting tracking and ad hoc projects in some of the worlds greatest airports, including Singapore Changi Airport, Swedavia Airports, Finavia Airports, Keflavik Airport and Vienna Airport.  

Third time reappointed in the world’s best airport 

Singapore Changi Airport serves more than 65 million passengers annually and has for the seventh consecutive year been rated the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax. To keep this prestigious title, it is crucial for Changi Airport to continuously keep track on their passenger mix, passenger satisfaction as well as travel- and consumer behavior of passengers.  

For the third time in a row, Epinion was re-appointed to conduct the Airhub passenger traffic study for Changi Airport Group (CAG) in 2019. Epinion collects 30,000 interviews yearly at Changi Airport for this alone, where the main purpose is to gain insights into how to increase the connectivity and attractiveness of Changi Airport as a vibrant airhub.  

Research conducted since 2013 and still going for the next years… 

Swedavia is a Swedish state-owned company, which owns and operates ten of Sweden’s busiest airports with more than 42 million passengers yearly. 

Epinion has conducted the Passenger Travel Habit survey for Swedavia Airports since 2013. In 2019, Epinion rewon the Passenger Travel Habit survey for Swedavia Airports – a setup conducting approx. 150,000 interviews a year among departing passengers at four Swedavia Airports.  

Reappointed in airport with a strong customer promise … delivering high satisfaction 

Finavia is a Finnish airport operator that enables flight connections through its national airport network. With 25 million passengers annually and a customer promise that makes customer satisfaction key throughout their organization, Finavia have in 2019 chosen Epinion as supplier for their Flight Passenger Survey with 6,000 interviews annually with passengers, providing in-depth insights into passenger profiles to improve customer experience 

Winning in a growth airport  

Keflavik Airport is one of Isavia’s 13 airports, which in the past years have experienced a huge increase in passengers. With an expectation that 7.3 million passengers will pass through the airport throughout 2019, a great demand for passenger insights is present, as the operations in the airport should be accommodated to the needs of passengers. Thus, Keflavik Airport have for the third year in a row re-appointed Epinion to conduct their tracking study with 35,000 yearly interviews.  

Winning in Austria’s largest Airport and growing… 

Vienna International is Austria‘s largest airport with more than 34 million passengers in 2018. Growth in passenger numbers have been substantial the past years, implying an even greater demand for enabling data-driven business vision. 

Epinion has conducted the Passenger Travel Habit study for Vienna Airport since 2013, and rewon the contract in 2019. Every year approx. 35,000 departing and arriving passengers are interviewed at Vienna Airport by Epinion’s interviewers 

Want to know more? 

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