Transport & Mobility

Our Epinion Transport & Mobility specialists can help you to uncover how travellers, passengers and commuters think, talk and behave using multiple data sources – digital data, statistics, etc. – and mixed methods – mobile ethnography, journey mappings, etc.

As such, we ensure that you get a holistic view of consumers, your brand and your market, providing the best possible basis for making consumer-centric decisions. We specialise in public transportation, i.e. how busses, railways, metro, city bikes, scooters, etc. are performing and how they are perceived.

Key traffic habits and models help with understanding current patterns and predicting future behaviour. We support service development providing counties, regions and municipalities with recommendations regarding improvements and innovations.

We master trends such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and sustainability solutions so that we can continuously inspire and advise our clients.The core strength of our specialised team lies in our passion for transport, mobility and sustainability. We cannot help being curious about past, present and future transport solutions and the voice of all of those who use transport to get from A to B.