Building a low-cost carrier experience strategy


In recent years, low-cost carriers (LCCs) have gotten special attention for changing the business paradigm among airlines and all passenger growth in Europe has come from this segment. However, only very few airports have adapted their touchpoints, services and retail environment to this very different segment. This means lower average passenger satisfaction and thus retail conversion, however, more importantly it can mean the difference between winning the passenger growth categories or not.


Epinion has helped CPH, Vienna and Brussels get more insight into LCC passengers and our approach is fully tailormade, as this typically leads to highly strategic insights, decisions and changes. Our process typically starts out by mapping the needs of the current passenger profiles, then identifying the future passenger mix using general market and internal trend data before finally estimating the needs of the future passenger mix including recommendations by touch point.


Epinion delivers clear and actionable insights on how the emergence of LCCs impact specific airports along the customer journey from service level requirements at check in, likely security challenges, different category mix expectations, special needs in baggage claim and customs etc. Basically, LCC passengers need the same customer journey but with completely different support and setup, which leads some airports to dedicate specific terminals to this segment.