Targeting passengers for growth with advanced & actionable segmentation


Mature airports are constantly tracking the passenger experience to improve all the touch points in the customer journey; however, passengers are not one size fits all. They represent vastly different customer groups with different demographic, behavioral, motivational and commercial make-up – and thus different needs. To cater for these needs, airports must segment and target the right passengers with the most relevant services and journeys.


Epinion has helped clients such as CPH, Finavia, Vienna, Keflavik, Munich and Singapore Changi with our fully customized segmentations, where we triangulate social, demographic, behavioral & transactional data to build unique yet highly actionable segments – to both strategically allocate resources and recognize segments across channels. We also offer a benchmarked segmentation approach, where data from many other airports are compared to, allowing a different insight into positioning.


Clients have received unique or benchmarked segments that allows strategic targeting and positioning, as well as taking action, on a day to day level when meeting passengers in media, online or offline for example through the use of personas and golden questions. The segments are delivered through a process typically starting with qualitative approaches over quantitative to supporting prioritization based on unique white space and business potential. This empowers airports to tailor their services and customer experiences.