Expanding the airport media platform revenue stream in a tough market


Airports are transportation hubs, shopping centers, parking lots and media platforms. In the past, airports had no problem selling advertising space at high prices, however, airports are like all other media platforms under severe pressure to present reliable and solid marketing return on investment (ROI) to their media buyer customers. The key question for airports to answer is what value advertising at the airport provides compared to all other platforms that the advertising buyers can choose.


Epinion has helped for example Clear channel, CPH, Avinor, Airmagine Egmont and Singapore Changi with marketing ROI studies. We typically collect onsite face-to-face interviews with passengers and compares the position of the airport as a platform for advertising to other advertising platforms by calculating and benchmarking the ROI in the Airport Media Effect Database.


Based on passenger analysis and the Airport Media Effect Database, Epinion provides airports with clear performance insights for advertising at the airport at an individual media type, airport location and client industry to identify awareness, engagement, behavioral effect, performance etc. On top, we deliver guidelines considering the most profitable campaign elements and other valuable insights on increasing advertising revenue to help airports promote their media platform to advertising buyers.