Developing excellent customer experience in airport lounges


As Brussels Airport faced the task of renovating their lounges, they asked Epinion to help them with a study to provide them with a baseline which they could use to measure the impact of improvements to their lounges going forward, as well as to provide input and identify critical elements to create an excellent customer experience in the lounges.


The study was conducted in three phases using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. It started out with four days of observation and short stop interviews in the lounges. The insights gained from the observations fed into the final report, as did phases two and three of the study, which consisted of appr. 400 interviews conducted in the lounges followed by 12 in-depth interviews with lounge visitors.


The study identified the hierarchy of needs of lounge usage and gave Brussels Airport a baseline study, enabling them to track the impact of the improved lounges, as well as customer satisfaction, going forward. In addition, Epinion developed three personas, representing three fundamentally different types of customer, in order to inspire and guide the innovation team in developing the lounges.