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We believe that companies can increase both sales and loyalty when they truly make an effort to understand the behavior of their customers, and always listen to them – and then act on their knowledge

We are a dedicated team of advisors who together have broad experience in consulting companies in the private sector.
We work closely together to create synergies between business understanding and consumer understanding – and we all share a passion for understanding, engaging, and helping companies.

A deep understanding of customers provides the opportunity to fulfill the needs of each individual customer in the best possible way – we believe that relevant personalization of products, services and communication is the future.
Especially for companies with big amounts of client data, personalization contains big opportunities – e.g. companies with loyalty programs, online-retailers, media, financial institutions etc.
It is our mission to help companies understand each individual customer so well that the company can capture the potential of personalizing their activities in the best possible way.

For companies with large amounts of client data, it is important not to look for all answers in the data they already have, but to constantly ask themselves the question: What do we NOT know about our customers – and what would we be able to do better if we had that knowledge?
We use our deep business understanding to map the critical customer knowledge that the company is missing.
Then we use our market research expertise to find the essential consumer insights that the company needs.

Finally, we use our Advanced Analytics expertise to combine existing knowledge with the new knowledge to create a clearer picture of each individual customer. That forms the basis for actionable output that helps increase the personalizing of the company’s activities.

This is how we help companies increase sales and loyalty.


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