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All of our concept builds upon voice of the people, i.e. we collect, analyze and recommend based on data about consumers and citizens. How they act, behave, think and perceive. Our concepts range from consumer segmentation, customer journeys over impact evaluation and satisfaction to brand and concept testing and development.
We are experts within:
  • Creating actionable and smart consumer segments
  • Mapping and developing sucessful consumer journeys and touch-points
  • Designing and developing new experiences, services and products
  • Setting and getting the right prices incl. promotions, discounts, price-endings etc.
  • Testing and optimizing brands, images, campaigns, retail execution and packaging
  • Assessing market size, penetration, growth potential and competitor landscape
  • Unvealing consumer motivations and needs through behavioral observations
  • Uncovering consumer satisfaction incl. driver prioritization and optimization
  • Data mining, predictions and SoMe analysis based on advanced big data analytics
  • Evaluating impact, effect and efficiency of public programs and change initiatives
  • Digital collection of consumer data and interactive KPI-reporting through dash board
  • Latest concumer trends and thincking across sectors and areas of expertise
  • … and much more

The above list is far from exhaustive as we know our clients’ needs are often contextual, specific and unique. This is why we are honored to provide tailormade solutions and advice. Standardized concepts and blind benchmarks should never sacrifice the value of our service to our clients.

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