Liveable & Sustainable Cities

Commercial development

In recent years, several municipalities are taking on a key strategic role as facilitators of local development. Together with citizens, businesses and civil society, new ways and new solutions must be created.

When cities and communities are in a development process, municipalities must ensure an attractive business environment, create good conditions for citizens and be clear about their strategic priorities and investments.

At Epinion, we work with municipalities and other local stakeholders to establish dialogue with citizens and businesses and provide a knowledge basis and insights on which development plans can be based. Whether they concern settlement policies, housing policies, industrial policies, marketing, branding, or something else entirely, we contribute systematic and in-depth analyses of local situations and advise on how analyses can be translated into strategic recommendations. We have insight into the local reality and our team draws on experience from collaborations with a large number of municipalities on a diverse range of issues.

Three areas we work extensively with are:

#1 –Sustainability: Local engagement and empowerment is crucial in accelerating this agenda.

#2 –Liveability & visitability: Cities are engines of growth and understanding the needs of citizens, potential settlers/visitors and business is crucial.

#3 –Service culture: Changing the culture of local government and administrators to a service culture requires understanding of how the interact.

There is no one right way to analyse these issues – we can advise you on the analysis design that makes sense in relation to your current needs. And most importantly, we can ensure that research is translated into insights that can be used in policy development, strategic choices, and specific initiatives so that it ultimately represents a valuable contribution to your political work.

Read more about our work here (in Danish).

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