Tourism, Culture & Places

Whether your ambition is to move people with great experiences or create amazing places to live and visit you are facing a new reality. Making sense of this new reality and seizing the opportunities is paramount.  

If the pandemic has taught us anything it has to be the fact that we can’t act upon outdated insights if we want to stay ahead. Whether we like it or not the world is changing fast: Covid is reshaping the way we travel and experience, the climate crisis and the demand for sustainability is claiming our attention, the metaverse is in many ways already reshaping the way we experience digitally, at the same time as authentic, local tourism products and experiences are in high demand.

To meet these challenges and opportunities and drive change requires data and insights. Data driven insights is about making sense of reality. It is reducing the complexity to categories that makes it possible to navigate and to act. This is how we can help.

Our customer portfolio covers everything from the major tourist organisations and cultural attractions of Scandinavia to the smallest attractions and micro-destinations. What they all have in common is that they must create business based on the ‘great experience’. Hence, they must be close to their customers and guests and evolve based on knowledge of their target groups and how their product is perceived. We also work for a great number of municipalities and destinations who want to use data to create great places to live and visit. Being able to engage and cocreate with citizens, businesses and civil society is essential.

Here you can dive into some of the interesting cases and tools we have developed ourselves or in collaboration with skilled partners: