Elderly care

Health & Elderly Care

The challenges facing the health and care sector are many and complex. Challenges include demographic pressure in the form of more elderly people living to be older than before, as well as more people with more (chronic) diagnoses. Combined with more treatment options and citizens’ increasing expectations, this requires rethinking how tasks are solved in the sector.

How can we give more people more treatment without expenditure exploding? Part of the solution to these challenges lies in better and more systematic measurement of user-perceived quality and systematic user involvement – in order to create a better user experience, but also very much in order to create better and more coherent processes by involving citizens resources as “experts in their own process.”

Epinion collaborates with a large number of municipalities on a systematic and comparable measurement of user satisfaction and user-perceived quality on a wide range of areas related to health and care, e.g. home care, care homes, patient-centric prevention, rehabilitation, etc., thus strengthening municipalities’ opportunities for strategic prioritisation of interventions across service areas and institutions. We also help public organisations and interest groups by conducting customised analyses of specific measures in the health and care sector, general analyses of the health habits of Danes, etc. Our customers choose us because we combine a strong methodological foundation with solid insight into the health and care sector, in particular deep knowledge of the reality of local health care.

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