Political polling

Elections & Political Polling

Since 2004 Epinion have been delivering political polls and insights to medias and central political actors.

We offer complete research services, excelling in the design of customized solutions combining quantitative and qualitative methods with market leading data intelligence to provide actionable results.

Epinion have a long-standing cooperation with election experts and political organizations and we constantly try to optimize the entire value chain around political polls – from preparation of both sample and questionnaire, to planning and executing on the data collection and finally analyzing and presenting the results.

Our Election & Political Polls team combine up to 25 years in industry-leading companies with an in-depth understanding of both theory and practice in the field of election polling and voter behavior, and we prioritize to keep ourselves op to date with all new developments relevant for the field. E.g. new theories on voting behavior from academia, revised data collection methods and new sources of data.

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