Education & Science

Epinion has more than 15 years of experience in carrying out studies in the fields of Education and Science.

We work at all levels in the educational sector primary school, secondary education and higher education to preparatory education, as well as adult, continuing education. In addition, we assist scientists in implementing high quality data collections.

We have experts in all substantial educational areas, and we give high priority to developing and maintaining substantial in-depth knowledge of the issues we are working with, as this greatly enhances the benefits of our methodological competencies. Therefore, our customers also expect our services to be based on both methodological and subject-specific insights. Our customers are Municipalities, Regions, Agencies, Ministries, Educational Institutions and independent think tanks. The tasks include evaluations, literature reviews, data collection, research studies, user surveys and effect analysis.

Epinion is qualified on the Ministry of Education’s framework agreement for consulting and research services, and we are a supplier and business partner to the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA). The education area, the social area and the employment area are closely linked, and we are very often involved in projects that cut across these areas.

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