Public and Politics

Public & Politics

Epinion Public & Politics provides strong data-based insights to the public sector and political actors.

We provide highly specialized analysis and service solutions for Ministries, Agencies, Municipalities and Regions, as well as public and private institutions and companies whose activities are inherently subject to political attention and regulation.

Our services prepare customers to evaluate policy programs, improve citizen-oriented service and promote their political agenda based on facts about effects, attitudes and behavior. The insights we create in the public and political spheres support evaluation and development of societal and political ideas and keep the media up to date on ongoing and upcoming societal and political movements.

Our primary strength lies in the fact that we combine deep sector knowledge with methodological and data analytic expertise. Moreover, Epinion has a strong tradition of tailoring solutions so they fit exactly to the specific needs of our customers. It is our experience from 20 years as an analytical databased consulting business that one size rarely fits all.

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