Deep Human Insights

Deep Human Insights

At Epinion we believe, that just as there is a strong need for the skills of advanced analytics to make sense of a continuous, rapidly growing amount of available data, there is also a need for the skills of going deeper and closer.

Human behaviour is seldom based on rationality but rather on emotions, habits and cultural embedded norms. Unlocking these deep human insights can be paramount when making business decisions, no matter whether you are in a public or private organisation or if you work with development, communication, marketing, branding, products, service or sales.

At Epinion we have a strong team of qualitative experts working cross business units and mastering a wide set of qualitative skills, from facilitating focus groups, personal interviews, workshops and observations to handling digital tools as online and mobile fora.

Which qualitative approach and whether we combine it with other approaches, depends on your business challenge. And though we are strongly driven by curiosity to truly understand your clients or customers, we pride ourselves in turning human insights into actionable strategic or tactical guidelines which are relevant to your business challenge.

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