Tourism, Culture & Experiences

The field of tourism, culture and experiences is constantly changing. We are seeing a shift in focus, new business models and new trends in several areas.

New destinations must be formed and find their foothold, travel and consumption patterns change constantly, new authentic tourism products and experiences are in demand, cultural attractions have to be increasingly commercial to attract new and broader audiences – and all this should preferably happen based on data and with sustainability as the headline.

Our customer portfolio covers the major tourist organisations and cultural attractions of Scandinavia and the smallest attractions and micro-destinations. What they all have in common is that they must create business based on the ‘good experience’. Hence, they must be close to their customers and guests and evolve on the basis of knowledge of their target groups and how their product is perceived.

Our team has specialised in this field, and we understand the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Thus, we are not only a supplier of knowledge, but your trusted advisor in how knowledge can be translated strategically to create value for you.

We use the latest technologies and methods in advanced qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods analyses. Our solutions not only include value-adding insights – we also focus strongly on working with utilising these insights by putting them into practice in the organisation.

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