A mapping and evaluation of the tender process for zero-emission bus services

Mikkel Oestergaard

Mikkel Østergaard


For many years, Movia has developed environmental targets as an integral part of its business and aims to make bus services fossil free by 2030. Movia asked Epinion to map and evaluate the initial tender processes for zero-emission electric bus services carried out by Movia in 2017-2018 including the tender process for a Framework Agreement on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Public space. The purpose of evaluating the processes and results was to help anchor knowledge in Movia on how the extensive changes to the procedures in the organization have been implemented and thus allow Movia to learn from successes and challenges in future tender processes.


The methodical solution design evolved around desk research and interviews with key stakeholders who have been involved in the four tender processes. Extensive desk research covering key documents and technological developments was conducted to map out activities and decisions throughout the processes which was then visualized. Interviews with key Movia employees enlightened the significance of decisions and activities to Movia’s internal and external work processes. External stakeholder interviews provided knowledge about how the close collaborative partners experienced the tender processes, their involvement and collaboration with Movia.


The evaluation points out that Movia, operators and municipalities involved in the processes have built up key organizational knowledge within zero-emission buses and they are now facing the task of integrating electric bus services in the day-to-day operation. Based on the evaluation and conclusions, Epinion has pointed out seven concrete recommendations which point to areas Movia would benefit from continuing to develop. To strengthen external communication, Epinion furthermore developed four fact sheets visualizing each of the tender process for zero-emission bus services covered in the mapping and evaluation.

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