Providing insights to ensure the best possible conditions for young people’s educational progression

Region Sjælland


Since 2013, Region Zealand has prepared an education analysis with a focus on young people’s progress through the education system (age 16–29). The education analysis focuses on development in the educational area in Region Zealand and serves as a benchmark for how the young people perform at municipal and regional levels, as well as at the national level.


Based on statistics on education and employment, the current status and development are described based on a range of indicators. On this basis, a report is prepared which succinctly reviews the results for each indicator in a very user-friendly design. Epinion is supporting Region Zealand during the period 2017–2020.


Epinion is supporting Region Zealand on a continuous basis during the period 2017–2020. Region Zealand uses the education analysis in dialogue with stakeholders within education and employment, including municipalities and educational institutions. Their aim is to create the best possible regional conditions for young people’s progress through the education system.

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