Development of a new bonus model for Nordjyllands Trafikselskab


Based on the experience that Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (NT) has gained over a long period with contractual bonus models in relation to city- and regional busses, they decided to introduce a bonus model on B&T contracts. B&T primarily consist of unregular lines and school driving. It was desired that the bonus model considered: 1) Driver's service and friendliness towards children as well as timeliness, maintenance and condition of equipment. 2) Experience among parents of children's safety, and schools' experience of security. 3) Focus on boarding, driving and communication with children, parents and schools.


In order to get as wide a picture as possible NT wanted an approach that covered all touch points between the driver/company and the “customers”. “Customers” is defined as both the school children and the schools. Since it is not possible to interview the school children themselves, interviews were conducted with parents on behalf of the children and the schools.


Based on the data collection and calculations, scenarios for how a new bonus model could be designed were developed. The scenarios were presented and discussed with NT’s top management on several occasions. Today, NT is applying a model that was developed by Epinion.